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About Me

Brian Wong is an aspiring interaction designer, from California College of the Arts. I am an interaction designer who cares about creating technology that enables users without disempowering their natural faculties. Through visual design, systemic thinking and storytelling, I hope to illuminate the small moments of our day.



I am Brian Wong, in-short BRi (with the capital R).

Why? My story starts in my AP Calculus class back in high school, where there were four Brian W's on the same table, and every time someone calls Brian, we all turn our head around. Our instant reaction is the moment where I realized design patterns matters. 

Thus, I am pursuing an Interaction Design major at California College of the Arts in San Francisco. I want to gain understanding of human behaviors and apply design patterns to 'tame' current designs – to simplify design in a way that is seamless for my mom and my grandma, yet sophisticated for advanced users like us. 

I am looking to work with a group of awesome, vision driven designers, who are excited in making great products and services. Sometimes, I talked too fast, because design and technology is my passion. And sometimes, I think I'm from the future, because I'm from Hong Kong, where I saw systems that worked with such dense masses and systems that didn't work. I am humble and willing to learn more! 

Please feel free to contact me, for anything. Mentors are welcome and honest feedback is appreciated :)

My resume is also available, here.