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Best Surf : Design Challenge

Visual Interaction Design


A Design Challenge for the Weekend


Yes it's a weather app, but it's a weather app tailored for Pro-Surfers!


Design a mobile weather app that helps a person, with a profession that is weather-dependent, understand what the weather will be like in the near future.

  • Explore at least 10 diverse interaction concepts
  • At least two distinct visual styles
  • Refine one final concept

Best Surf is a weather app for pro-surfers, it advise the best beaches base on personable preferences. By re-designing the calendar view in a way that prioritize the "best surfs" without having to analyze each beaches' surf reports.

Naturally, I started out by conducting a quick chat with my surfer friends to get an understanding of what surfer need and want. The finalized app is a combination of both the conceptualized apps, where the user tells the app, what time he wants to surf, the app will then returns him with the beaches that best meets his favorite surf conditions.

Project Date: March 2014

Project Length: One Weekend

Key Role: Visual Interaction Designer

Instructor: Christian Palino