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UrbanChef : Smart Fridge

Contextual Inquiry + Concept Validations

Mobile App with Urban Weight Sensors

A smart fridge for every fridge.



We want to address the problems of efficiency, organization and freshness; while encouraging healthy diet and social interaction within a household.


A major problem with current "Smart" fridges is that it require heavy data input from the user, its just not efficient. We realized people don't even want to interacting with their fridge, so we decided to focus on the app itself and center the information around the user.


Smarten your fridge without buying a new one



Urban Weight Sensors

Each compartment of the fridge is equipped with the Urban Weight Sensors. Each compartment is then assigned with a specific category of food. Just place the fresh produce on the appropriate compartment and the Urban Weight Sensor will begin weighting the amount of food you have.

UrbanChef Mobile App

UrbanChef and Urban Weight Sensors work in tandem to gather insights for you. UrbanChef will acuminate your general intake patterns. Once the user scans their receipt, UrbanChef can gather the exact produce in the fridge. To avoid expired produce and food waste, UrbanChef will then suggest the produce's freshness with general expiration time added to the day of purchase. UrbanChef will also suggest recipes based on the produce in your fridge and their expiration date. Over time, UrbanChef will recommend different kinds of produce, replacing the unhealthy with the healthy.


UrbanChef - Visual Compositions



Out-of-box experience

first Screens


Brainstorm + Sketches

Project Date: Nov-Dec 2012

Project Length: 5 weeks

Team: Elaine ChuDorahan Arapgirlioglu

Key Role: Visual Interaction Designer

Instructors: Ben Fullerton, Erin Muntzert